30 sec. preview of the anim i have rendering now…….






Mernet Larsen

1. Dusk

2. Untitled

3. Aw

4. Icon

5. Sunday Drive

6. Explanation

7. Dawn

more pics from my BFA show piece. go here if you want to see more pics and read some annoying stuff i wrote about it. i named this piece with Meatloaf lyrics because i wanted something that sounded like a long obnoxious panic at the disco song title but was Meatloaf

RSVP, 2014

some pics of my piece from the spring BFA show. cant believe its over jesus christ. LQQK here to see more pics and stuff. i cant believe ppl actually took those ridiculous napkins but i am glad!!!!!!!!!!! as soon as i get my damn diploma in may im gonna wear that BFA collar when i grocery shop at 2am ug. also i napped under that table during install 

yo check out this old animation i finally rendered out and party with the robber

more wip of hoopin’ anim

test renders from a recent just4fun animation using my old hoop project videos lol my dumb face on the wall

Edward Scissorhands
Tim Burton. 1990

Peg’s neighbourhood
Tinsmith Circle, Land O’ Lakes, Florida
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